Sunday, 22 September 2019

Athlete Ownership - Why?

In this articleA look at a coaching philosophy that encourages athletes to think for themselves – and suggests you will be a better coach if your athletes know themselves better, contribute to their coaching and have ownership of their sport.


In this articleArms and how you use them can have a positive or negative effect on stride rate, stride length, ground forces and energy consumption. While arm action is not the only technical aspect of running you need to work on, it is the one most ignored – and to run well everything must be working perfectly

Kenyan Runners

In this article Kenyans dominate the world of distance running. The question is why and how? Is it genetic; are Kenyans born to be better?   Evidence suggests no. And yes!     

Team Culture in Athletics

In this article - A team must have the same goals and work together to achieve them, but I'm most interested in the third factor – social needs. Isn't fun and enjoyment the prime reason why we participate in sport? That surely is a social need. Being with friends or others of similar interest and motivation is a social need.

A Coaching Philosophy

In this article What makes a good coach? What is expected of a coach?  Why do you want to coach?  These are questions you should ask yourself and keep asking yourself as you progress through your coaching career.   And they should be answered in the context of a coaching philosophy.

Preparation for Competition

In this article - Participating and representing your country or region in a largescale sporting event is one of the biggest dreams for any sportsperson. The exposure, fame, and limelight that such events bring you are unparalleled. If you are someone who aspires to make it big in the sports world and are new to large scale sporting events, here are a few tips that will help you prep up. 

Staying Fit

In this article - The majority of people will put on between 5 and 7 lbs this winter, according to Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD. It is not just winter that is bad for your waistline, as gaining extra weight often tends to creep on during autumn, too. When the number on your scales start to creep up, you are at an increased risk of developing a serious illness, so you must adjust your workouts and lifestyle to suit the changing weather.

Benefits of a Fitness Coach

In this article Whether you have just signed up to the gym or you are a long-term fitness fanatic, getting some help and support along the way can be a huge help. When it comes to hiring a fitness coach, there are tons of reasons why they can be beneficial in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it is for athletic or sports-driven purposes, or you are looking to lose weight, here are just a few benefits that only a fitness coach can provide.

Indoor Exercises

In this article - Now the colder months are approaching, you will find yourself staying in a lot more, which will most likely involve missing your regular gym sessions. If you hate the cold but want to carry on exercising, there are plenty of ways to get fit without having to leave the warmth of your home. Take a look at these top tips which will help you maintain your physique whatever the weather.


In this article - Times have changed, and now gaming is finding its place under the professional sun, disrupting traditional ideas, just like freelancing crushed the conventional corporate model. Nevertheless, some concerns regarding gaming are still valid enough to call for an objective view of the gaming world and how it fits within today's global push for making healthier and sustainable life choices. 

Muscle Soreness

In this article - Becoming an athlete is impossible without a rigorous workout routine. Extensive weight training, muscle-building workouts, circuits, and other intense exercises play a key role in the required muscle building process of an athletic body. Having that said, these workouts and exercises come with their own set of challenges in the form of muscle soreness, stresses, and even injuries. It is extremely important that you address your muscle soreness and allow your body to recover before you start your next workout cycle.

Fighting Obesity

In this article - An estimated 29% of adults in the UK are classified as obese, representing an increase of 3% from 2016 figures. Obesity has serious physical and mental implications for those who are affected. Finding sustainable ways to combat the prevalence of obesity is critical to reduce the health burden on economies, improve the health of people, and enhance the quality of life.

Plan Your Day to Have Time For Study

In this article -  The fact is that you can study and work and still be successful academically. The key to this is managing your day smartly. Smart work, as opposed to hard work, helps students avoid stress and achieve high levels of success with ease.