Saturday, 27 July 2019

Keto Diet

In this articleThe following are some Keto tips to help to ensure that you eat balanced meals and follow your Keto diet correctly so you can lose weight and stay healthy in the process.

Combining Sport and Education

In this article -   how to successfully balance your time with sport and education.

Table Tennis Fitness

In this articleHere are the six tips on how to improve your Table Tennis fitness

Sports nutrition on a budget

In this article The right balance of foods will help boost your energy levels and endurance capabilities as well as help speed up your recovery. Eating healthy on a budget while training can be difficult due to the increased calorie demand, below are some tips to help you sustain adequate nutrition at a low cost.

Working out with CBD

In this article - Here is a look at some of the benefits bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts can enjoy when they include CBD in their routine.

Low Testosterone

In this article - Exercise such as weightlifting contributes to a temporary increase in testosterone levels. Usually, young men will experience higher levels due to exercising than old men. Similarly, weight loss exercises such as a cardiovascular exercise can bring down the extra weight, consequently increasing the levels of testosterone.

Benefits of CBD Flowers

 In this article - While traditionally cannabis has been labelled as the drug choice for slackers and layabouts, many athletes use this substance in many different forms, as it can boost both their performance while also helping them recover after a heavy workout.

Health Benefits of Swimming

In this article - Today's parents struggle to help their kids make healthy life choices and stick to healthy lifestyle habits. Every parent knows the struggle of convincing their child to eat all their vegetables, get outdoors and exercise instead of playing on the computer and respect their sleeping schedules.


In this articlehow to quit substances such as addictive drugs and alcohol.


In this article quitting alcohol, just like quitting any other habit can be difficult but definitely not impossible. However, the amount of effort that you need to put into quitting depends on how seriously addicted you are. Nevertheless, regardless of the degree of your alcohol addiction, quitting it is not impossible and can be easily done if you follow these tips.

Friday, 5 July 2019


In this article  Confidence and high self-esteem have always been promoted as the best, most important aspect of one's personality, but is such high self-esteem always good to have in sports? Let us find out.