Sunday, 29 July 2012

General Fitness Training Program

Updates to the general fitness training program page which provides a guide to help those wishing to improve their general level of fitness by developing their balance, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. 

Client centred tennis coaching survey

Client centred tennis coaching survey is an article by Marcin Bieniek, a tennis coach from Poland and a former professional player, that explains the benefits of being client centred in your coaching approach and the information to collect from your client to help you adjust the training to meet your client's needs. 

How to survive those tennis training regimes

How to survive those tennis training regimes is an article by Marcin Bieniek, a tennis coach from Poland and a former professional player,  that explains how you can stay motivated whilst performing those boring tennis drills.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Illinois Self Evaluation Questionnaire - Update

By analysing your responses to a series of statements about how you feel before a competitive situation it is possible to determine your level of anxiety and self confidence. A test that provides such functionality is the Illinois Self Evaluation Questionnaire.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

Inclusion of an article on the Benefits of Exercising - Did you know that living a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous to your health than smoking. Research conducted by Tai-Hing et al. (2004) revealed that 20% of all deaths of people over the age of 34 were attributed to a lack of physical activity. They concluded that a lack of physical activity increased the risk of dying of cancer by 45% for men and 28% for women, and the risk of dying from respiratory ailments by 92% for men and 75% for women.